The Proposition – Men of the Pacific (Book 1)


The Proposition by Naomi Knight #amreadingElectric. That was the only way to describe the meeting of their skin when she offered her hand. He approached her from across the room, a powerful dark-haired local who stirred Jemma Hale’s deepest desire. But her focus is on raising her younger brother and making a living. She doesn’t have time for the ultra sexy man who offers to make her dreams a reality. 

The first thing former All-pro wide receiver John Tanaka noticed was that she stood a head taller than everyone in the room, except him.  He returned to Honolulu for one purpose, to find closure in a past relationship and get back to his life on the Mainland.

But the head-strong, long-legged beauty intrigued him from the start. John is not looking for a permanent relationship, but if plays the game right he could have the exotic beauty in his bed and no regrets when it’s time to leave.

Only, will John’s proposition turn into more than even he can handle?


Captured by Moonlight – Men of Action Novel (Book 1)

Captured by Moonlight #amreading

Selene Devore had only agreed to stand in her brazen twin sister’s heels for one night. Instead she fell into the strong arms of the most desirable man. Only she couldn’t reveal her true identity.

Noble Winters embodied endurance, stealth, and control even after his exodus from the Rangers. He had planned to focus on business and a lurking adversary until he met the stunner in heels. Getting involved with any woman, no matter how impressive or fearless could not be in Noble’s future.

Selene’s actions that night caused her sister some unwanted exposure, creating the need for added protection. But her sister wasn’t sticking around to be “watched.”

Once Noble is back within her sphere, Selene becomes self-conscious about the roll she wants to play with her hero, especially since she wasn’t the persona who had gotten his attention in the first place.

A delicate twist of secrets and lies make a delightful twisting romance with a hint of suspense.