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Captured by Moonlight

Published Date: December 1, 2012

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Selene Devore had only agreed to stand in her brazen twin sister’s heels for one night. Instead she fell into the strong arms of the most desirable man. Only she couldn’t reveal her true identity.

Noble Winters embodied endurance, stealth, and control even after his exodus from the Rangers. He had planned to focus on business and a lurking adversary until he met the stunner in heels. Getting involved with any woman no matter how impressive or fearless could not be in Noble’s future.

Selene’s actions that night caused her sister some unwanted exposure, creating the need for added protection. But her sister wasn’t sticking around to be “watched.”

Once Noble is back within her sphere, Selene becomes self-conscious about the roll she wants to play with her hero, especially since she wasn’t the persona who had gotten his attention in the first place.

A delicate twist of secrets and lies makes a delightful twisting romance with a hint of suspense.

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