Writing the First Novel

Writing the First Novel

In 2010, I began writing a book on a whim. I was devouring romance novels and decided to give my own a try.

September 2011, the 9-5 job moved and I used my free time to learn more about my craft and write like crazy. It turned out I absolutely loved writing and romance in particular. There were three novels written that year.

Throughout 2012 I had become comfortable with my writing voice and finished my first novel. Captured by Moonlight.NaomiKnight_CapturedbyMoon200

I took classes at Savvy Authors including one to perfect my military hero.

I did a case study on a new self-published author in my genre. Titled: Forged in Fire

I secured the editor from that novel, set up a website, and published Dec 2012.

2013: Watched my sales like a hawk and did internet ads. Towards the end had to go back to the 8-hour work week. This also took my writing schedule from every day to fits and spurts. I tried many different ways to adjust my schedule.

2014:  Sales went to zero. I began listening to podcasts and got back in tune with what I truly wanted to do with my writing.

2015: I realized the approach I’d taken with my first novel was too passive and there was a lot more that I needed to do. I focused , went part-time at the 9-5, and finished the second novel of a series in 3 months. (How’s that for Progress?)

Entering 2016, I now have a proper website, I’m on social media, and I am fired up to jump start my writing again.

Enter the Blog   Commentary, Tools, and Resources I continue to use to reach my goals.

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