Indie Author Self Doubt


  1. Jane Steen
    Jane Steen January 20, 2016 at 12:38 pm .

    Thanks for linking to my post, Naomi! I’ve just published the second book in a series, and had some lingering self-doubt about whether it would be good enough for fans of the first book. No worries, as it turns out–four unsolicited 5-star reviews so far.

    I followed my own advice with respect to this book, and went to great lengths (lots of rewriting) to make sure it was as good as I could get it. As an indie author, you have the advantage of not receiving feedback that’s just WRONG from agents or editors (I’ve heard from many trad published authors that this happens) and being able to trust your own instincts and judgment as to when a book is ready. If you learn to listen to that voice, to your beta readers and to the editor you employ, and also learn not to rush things, you’ll end up with a book you can be proud of.

    Learn to “see” the point where the book is as good as you, at your current stage of development as a writer, are going to get it (don’t compare yourself to the top writers in your genre). Then get the best editor and cover design you can afford, and push that Publish button–then don’t look back. Write the next book.

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