I created a resource page for you to use as a reference. These are products that I have used to create this website, write my books, and . I’ll add to it as I collect other great tools along the way. I recommend bookmarking it for your convenience.

Most Helpful Tools

Gmail: It may seem odd to recommend an ESP (Email Service Provider) but google is jam packed with functionality that goes beyond simple email. In addition to being one of the most known brands ever, Google had tons of functionality. Have an email address that matches your name to project professionalism.

Google Drive, Docs, Notes, Calendar

Website Domains, Hosting, and Blogging (In that order)

GoDaddy: All of my domains are parked at GoDaddy. There is some debate as to whether you should have your domain and host at the same company. I don’t think authors have this problem as much as other users but I keep them separate. Registering your domain with GoDaddy is simple and redirecting your domain is an equally simple process.

HostGator: WordPress Hosting. These are the guys or gator that host the server your website is run from. A starter sight is the most economical option and the process is quick and easy. It all comes down to how comfortable you are with building your own website. I don’t have coding knowledge but I can put together a puzzle without much trouble.

Set up a test site on and if you are comfortable then I truly recommend using for any site you choose to run. The dot org site will have more functionality than the free site. The interface is used by thousands of top companies and recommended by designers and developers over other sites like GoDaddy.

Other options: Blogger

Anti-virus and Cloud Storage in one

Webroot: Webroot runs in the background and doesn’t slow down my computer. I hope to never experience a white or black screen and loose all my files. This software has a anytime folder to easily drag documents for back-up. I am also able to connect to different folders on my hard drive for it to sync and back-up, saving the last 5 revisions automatically. You can also access synced files in the cloud.

StudioPress:  (Beautiful Pro Theme): This is the WordPress theme with the Genesis Framework used on It was super easy to install with detailed directions. The Genesis Framework is known for excellent SEO (search engine optimization) right out the gate.


Google Drive: This is where I keep my documents for blog posts and also revisions and copies of my books that I need to access on other computers.

Asana (Free) : I use this to list my tasks for writing and blogging. This tasking tool integrates with Google seamlessly. The functionality of Asana is off the charts. You can set up 3 projects at no cost with unlimited tasks. Integrates with Google calendar and much more.

Writing Tools

Ywriter (Free): This is the writing program that I use. It segregates your titles, chapters, and scenes for maximum flexibility in writing and editing your story. It is free and once you see how functional it is you will be willing to give a donation.

Social Media Manager

Hootsuite (Free): I currently use this for twitter but you can track all of your social media from this one hub.